Corner-stone of The Ultimate Khaki is The Ultimate Cotton: Hand-picked Peruvian Pima Cotton, to be specific. On every dimension, a cotton so superior that it unequivocally dominates all others, uncontested and with such commanding authority that it reigns, “King cotton,” worldwide. The undisputed Champ. The “Gold standard” all others are judged and measured against.

Lavishly soft, sumptuously cush and comfy, yet tough as nails. The heft of its weave, surprisingly featherweight. Its cloth so plush and seductively cozy it’s nicknamed “The cashmere of cottons.”

Granted, The Ultimate Khaki is an alchemy of several dozen, key virtues, all flawlessly wed together in a perfectly proportioned fashion equation. Even so, the defining dimension of the world’s Ultimate Khaki is the world’s Ultimate cotton, itself. Hand-picked, Peruvian Pima cotton.

So what’s the big deal about Peruvian Pima cotton, you ask? The reason is simple: It stands in tall cotton. Long and lanky, it’s the Jack-in-the-Beanstalk among cottons. Typically, cotton fibers measure 1/2″ to 3/4″; all wimps compared to Peruvian Pima’s towering, 1 3/8″ stature, its span over twice the length of all other cottons. Like any natural fiber, the longer and smoother the fiber, the softer its cloth. The longer the fiber, the stronger and more durable the yarn and the greater its resistance to shrinking and pilling.

For starters, its warp-speed “wicking” capabilities: it clocks the fastest wicking velocity among natural fibers- keeps you cool-as-a-cucumber in summer, then warm and toasty come winter’s first frost. No one-trick-pony, it’s resistance to wrinkling is unrivaled, which means your Ultimate Khaki will look fresh round-the-clock.

Uniquely, Peruvian Pima alone ranks as the world’s only hypoallergenic cotton: proof that its beauty is more than skin deep. Lithe and supple, it’s natural elasticity follows your body’s every move, then instantly springs-back to its original shape. Blithely, it snubs the unsightly sags and droops typical of the ho-hum genre of Milquetoast khakis. Its “drape” is soft and fluid, the streamlined taper of its sleek lines create an athletically flattering, he-hunk silhouette. Miraculously, it resists pilling. It’s richly hued colors are impervious to fading. Count on your Ultimate Khaki looking brand-spanking-new, wash-after-wash. Despite their soothing, chart-topping comfort, The Ultimate Khaki stubbornly defies wear-and-tear; to borrow a lesson from the past, they “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’”.

Thank hand-picking for The Ultimate Khaki’s deep and vibrantly rich shades of six, nature-inspired colors. It’s the same, hand-harvesting that delivers its unique, hypoallergenic status and that also guarantees that each and every pair of The Ultimate Khaki is the softest and most luxurious pair of khakis you will ever wear.

Henry Sage. The Ultimate Khaki. Infinitely evolving and constantly perfected since. Hinted with a taint of nostalgia, but without the weight of the past, The Ultimate Khaki is resolutely modern and visually devoid of extraneous detail. The minimalist simplicity of its classic styling and timeless design combined with a refined and sophisticated modern fit, The Ultimate Khaki is the perfect mix of elegance and modernism. The Ultimate Khaki. Boasting four, iconic models, each in up to six colors.