“Cause every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” ZZ Top, 1983.
Therein the raison d’etre for Henry Sage’s® Ultimate Khaki.

Cocksure and without a whiff of braggadocio the unswervingly self-confident, Henry “Hank” Sage, brashly asserts his namesake collection, “The Ultimate Khaki®.” Who would dare doubt otherwise?
A warrior knight and swashbuckling adventurer knighted by Queen Elizabeth, his elusive history and epic adventures, bits and pieces of fable, myth and rumored hearsay, cobbled together and juxtaposed atop the swirl of history. A gallant solider-of-fortune, dashing nobleman and sometime mercenary who was as feared as he was fearless, legend tells he was an unrivaled marksman, whether rifle or handgun, and an equally lethal swordsman with saber and Bowie knife, alike.
All fashion, unarguably, is born from war or sport. Likewise the history of khakis. Sparked by British mutiny, the war-bred pedigree of Khakis evolution from an ad-hoc military uniform to a storied, Americana fashion classic, unfolds in India during the British Indian wars of the mid-1840’s. There, too, begins the epic sagas that chronicle the legend of Sir Colin Henry Sage®.
Akin to the genius of camouflage created by the colors in Scottish clan Tartans, khakis were a shrewd, battle-born disguise, their sleight-of-hand a chameleon-like masquerade. Uniformed in their British-issued, white cotton-drill uniforms and pitted against India’s dust-colored dunes, Britannia’s Bengal infantry proved easy prey for Punjab’s rebel snipers. Disobeying their spit-polished orders, Britain’s Bengal militia revolted in 1846, dying their sparkling white uniforms a shade of beige that perfectly mimicked their battle terrain. Infantry dyed their uniforms in river mud. Descended from early Persian and translated from its native Hindi, “khak” means “dirt colored.” Officers chose tea, or a tincture of Mulberries, its slight color variation not only the signature of rank, but of an aristocrat with the means to employ servants.
Regardless, the ad-hoc camouflage proved life-saving. Nearly 2 years later, its color and signature, twilled weave, along with the word, itself, are now a universal part of the world’s “fashion-speak.”
Henry Sage®. The Ultimate Khaki®. Infinitely evolving and constantly perfected, since. Boasting four, iconic models, all in up to six colors.
When the call of the wild rings your cell, this is the de rigueur uniform. So suit-up. Why? “Cause every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” ZZ Top, 1983.

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